Kids GLOW outdoors!

Step up as an ambassador and aid fellow educators in integrating outdoor education into early childhood learning.
Under the international GLOW project, backed by financial support from the Erasmus+ program, the initial batch of ambassadors has emerged from the ranks of preschool teachers. These ambassadors firmly believe in the advantages of outdoor education for preschoolers. They're enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and expertise, demonstrating how to approach outdoor education creatively without significant investments. Seize the chance to learn from their insights, and if interested, you can also join their ranks next year. Support from GLOW ambassadors comes at no cost to preschool and primary school teachers.

Project outputs

Policy paper

The policy recommendation paper consolidates the findings from interviews with educators and stakeholders involved in outdoor education and forest pedagogy. It aims to present a cohesive set of recommendations to enhance outdoor education’s integration into the educational system, ensuring it benefits children’s well-being and learning experiences.

Pedagogical Framework

This document reports the formative process through which we have developed
a conceptual framework for outdoor learning. This document also includes examples of learning activities developed and implemented along with recommendations. It incorporates resource materials not as a definite guide, but rather as inviting ideas of taking learning outdoors.

Best Practice Benchmark - output report

The Best Practice Benchmark report refers to projects and iniciatives where outdoor education and forest pedagogy is adopted, ata national, regional, and local level, especially for social inclusion of children fromvulnerable groups, across the pilot partner countries (Denmark, Norway, Cyprus,Slovakia, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia) and beyond.

R1: Transnational research Report

Focus group interviews identifying practice, needs, gaps, and target related to outdoor education and nature pedagogy.

R4: Policy paper

Becoming an advocate of outdoor education presents an opportunity to influence the educational process positively, and motivate and inspire not just children but the community, fellow educators, and society at large. It’s also a means to cultivate personal skills, knowledge, and passions.

As an ambassador, you’ll become part of an international community, facilitating connections with other schools, experts, and institutions. The outdoor education ambassador certificate remains valid for 2 years and is renewable.

Roles and Responsibilities of Ambassadors

  • Actively promote the concepts of outdoor education for children and share personal experiences through articles (a minimum of 5 articles during the academic year).
  • Support those interested in outdoor education from other preschools or primary schools by sharing examples of effective practices (structured activities aligned with the national curriculum) as inspiration for outdoor education (assisting at least 1 teacher and preparing at least 10 sample activities during the school year or assisting 2 or more teachers and preparing at least 5 sample activities).
  • Uphold the principles of outdoor education.
  • Participate in regular online meetings with enthusiastic peers in outdoor education.