Get your students outdoors

GLOW is a project aiming to give educators and teachers the tools to get out into nature with their pupils while feeling comfortable doing so.

You can find

a community of outdoor educators

which includes educators from all over Europe dealing with similar problems as you. See solutions, ideas, and inspirations on outdoor education. No need to rediscover the wheel.

support in creating activities

from professionals dealing with outdoor education. Find help from others to overcome obstacles when trying to improve outdoor time with your students.

resources for outdoor education

a series of inspirations and materials you can use to improve your time outside. From activities to lists, everything you need to start with outdoor education in one place.

Outdoor education has a positive impact on children's development

Being in nature significantly contributes to mental well-being and joy. Nature buffers lifestyle stress in children and helps them cope with dissatisfaction. Building a relationship between children and nature should not be underestimated today. They will only protect and appreciate nature if they care about it.

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